CGI Russia is a local part of the global climate governance network

World Economic Forum (WEF) — Climate Governance Initiative (CGI)

 CGI Russia is a local part of the global climate management system.

WEF Climate Governance Initiative (CGI).

Appropriate climate risk management solutions hinge upon the development of new management approaches. Through the Climate Governance Initiative (CGI), the World Economic Forum supports raising awareness and developing competencies among boards of directors, allowing them to manage risks more effectively.

Local offices are now being set up in key jurisdictions to bring together directors who can determine effective approaches and processes for climate management in the companies they control.

Thirteen countries, some of which are G20 countries, are already participating in the Climate Governance Initiative: Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Switzerland, Canada, UK, Italy, Malaysia and Russia.

Risks posed by climate change:

  • Physical destruction and asset impairment because of natural disasters
  • Water scarcity
  • Economic impact
  • Destruction of supply chains
  • Changing behavior and priorities on the consumer market
  • Reputational risks
  • Risk of business model transformation due to regulatory changes



Events and webinars


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