Board members and senior management of Russian companies that seek to improve their understanding of climate change issues in order to be able to assess the risks and opportunities for their businesses.


  • Participation in regular events and discussions with Russian and world experts on climate change
  • The opportunity to discuss and share experiences with other market players
  • Access to the latest information on the effects of climate change in Russia and around the world
  • Deeper understanding of the opportunities and risks for each industry and region


Leading companies, climate experts and other organizations that are actively involved in educating our members on climate change.



  • Participation in events for members of the boards of the leading Russian companies
  • Access to top management of Russian businesses
  • Opportunity to expand the customer base and broaden marketing of services
  • Increasing awareness of Your company

Sponsors and Partners

Leading Russian companies, non-profit organizations and government organizations that either are experts or seek to influence the climate agenda.



  • Opportunity to influence the formation of the climate platform in Russia
  • Access to the world’s best climate-related informational resources
  • Opportunity to be a member of the TopLink of the World Economic Forum (WEF)
  • Public recognition of the organisation as a leader and expert in climate change
  • For the General Sponsor – the opportunity to meet with WEF representatives and be part of its platform
  • Priority for meetings with world leaders

Our goals and opportunities for partnerships

> 30 leading Russian companies support the initiative

WEF Be a part of the global climate platform of the World Economic Forum

10 events annually featuring leading international experts and consultants

Monthly newsletter with an overview of the latest trends

500 Members by the end of 2022

Partnership options

General / strategic partner



Infrastructure partner


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