Who we are

The Russian Chapter is the Russian division of theChapter Zero UKthe Director’s climate forumestablished by the World Economic Forumfor board members. It operatesin all G20 countries, including Russia.

Our goal is to help business leadersdeal with potential opportunities and risks associated with climate change. By bringing together investors, regulators, company directors, and key experts, we provide a platform for sharing experiences and influencingthe trajectory of Russian businessin terms of climate change.

We provide a space forthe non-executive community toexpand its knowledge, understanding and experience, allowing it to address thecomplex and critical business challenges posed by climate change. In pursuit of this goal, we:

  • organize climate change briefings, roundtables, seminars and conferences with our partners
  • raiseawareness of existing practices and approaches
  • providepractical tools that canenable directors to discuss climate change with a full range of competences.
  • providea forum where directors can share their experiences and deepen their knowledge,
  • provideaccess to the World Economic Forum’s materials and expertise.

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