Korn Ferry Russia & CIS becomes an Organizational Consulting Partner for the Climate Governance Initiative in Russia (CGI Russia)

The goal of the partnership agreement between Korn Ferry and CGI Russia is to jointly promote climate agenda among board members of Russian companies and create necessary toolkits to address the challenges of climate transformation in business strategy. One of the main cooperation areas will be an exchange of expertise needed for the selection process of ESG specialists within the Russian companies as well as the implementation of the best international practices for merging climate agenda  into corporate governance.

CGI is the Russian chapter of the global Climate Governance Initiative in collaboration with the World Economic Forum that helps board members of Russian companies to increase their expertise in climate governance by organizing regular thematic and industry-specific conferences to discuss the risks and opportunities of a low-carbon economy and create practical management tools in line with Agenda 2030 and other sustainable development programs 

Korn Ferry, as a leading organization consulting company, helps to re-organize corporate structures and governing bodies in accordance with the actual trends such as gender and cultural equality, digital transformation, sustainable development and climate risks. Research conducted by the company and the research department of The Korn Ferry Institute contributes to a comprehensive understanding of the challenges facing the leaders of the global economy. One of the key challenges of our time is the search for adequate measures to meet global climate change and minimize a possible negative impact on the environment. Korn Ferry’s expertise in the field of selection and development of managerial teams helps to tackle business transformation, taking into account the climate agenda.

Olga Pascault, Founder and Chairman of the Governing Board of CGI Russia: “Only concerted actions in accordance with scientifically based targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonization can solve the problem of global warming. The combined competencies of Korn Ferry and CGI Russia will strengthen the support of the management of Russian companies in their efforts to integrate the climate agenda into business strategy and personnel growth”.

Yaroslav Glazunov, CEO, Korn Ferry Russia & CIS: “Global business leaders today are becoming true visionaries and ideological inspirers of the climate transformation for their companies and, as a result, for the entire world economy. Close attention to environmental issues on the part of corporate owners, a responsible, thoughtful and supportive approach of directors, board members and management teams to this topic can radically affect the speed and quality of environmental transformation of entire industries. The formation of corporate competencies in the field of environmental care and investments in ESG development means an important step forward for modern companies that are aware of their role in a society and strive to bring positive changes in the world. We are pleased to become a partner of the Climate Governance Initiative in Russia and are ready to bring our rich experience and unique expertise for a comprehensive support  of the climate transformation in Russian business”.

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