Climate Governance Initiative Russia (CGI Russia) signs a partnership agreement with  PJSC Polyus (LSE, MOEX: PLZ) where Polyus becomes a key strategic partner of the Russian chapter of Climate Governance Initiative established by the World Economic Forum. 

Recognising that boards of directors play a critical role in ensuring the long-term stewardship of the companies they oversee, CGI Russia aims to help board members embed climate considerations into board decision-making, and understand and act upon the risks and opportunities that the climate emergency poses to their companies.

Polyus will be a strategic partner of CGI Russia, actively participating in its events and promoting cooperation and knowledge sharing between its members. Cooperation with the expert community and with other market participants to enhance global climate action is a part of Polyus’ strategic priorities in the area of climate change. The latter was stated in the Climate Position Statement approved by the Company’s Board of Directors.

Pavel Grachev, Chief Executive Officer of PJSC Polyus, commented:

“CGI Russia is an initiative that fully aligns with our business values. Polyus is intensely aware of the critical challenges posed by the climate emergency, and of the need for organizations across the world to work together to overcome these. We look forward to sharing our experience with the World Economic Forum’s global network and to promoting wider awareness of the risks and opportunities posed by climate change among our peers and partners.”

Olga Pascault, Founder and Chair of the Management Committee, CGI Russia:

«CGI Russia sees its task in giving expert support to the Russian companies in transfer to a new climate agenda as equal members of the global leaders’ community in this area. We are extremely pleased to cooperate with Russian partners who share our values and priorities. Polyus’ position on climate problems is in full accord with the tasks of the new paradigm and gives a good example of successful integration of climate agenda into business strategy of the top-tier company».

Elena Haykin Sapozhnikova, Founder and Chair of the Management Committee, CGI Russia:

«As a key strategic partner of CGI Russia, Polyus makes a significant impact in our work being one of the leading experts on climate-related risks in metals & mining industry with a great experience of practical implementation for climate policy». 

Company Info

Polyus is the world’s fourth-largest gold mining company by production volumes and one of two gold miners with the largest attributable gold reserves. The company demonstrates the lowest production costs among major global gold producers. Its principal operations are located in Siberia and the Russian Far East: Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk and Magadan regions and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Climate Governance Initiative Russia (CGI Russia)

Climate Governance Initiative Russia (CGI Russia) is a local part of the global Climate Governance Initiative (CGI) of the World Economic Forum. CGI Russia: The Directors’ Climate Forum was launched on the initiative of the WEF in May 2020. It is a platform for board members, companies’ managers and committee chairpersons who seek to expand their knowledge about the effects of climate change on the Russian businesses.


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