GCI 4 BOARDS in partnership with Business solutions and Technologies

EVENT FORMAT: offline discussion and presentation of new joint research

PARTICIPATION: by invitation only

DATE AND TIME: 9 June 2022, 17:00 Moscow Time


In Russia, the introduction of a voluntary carbon market and related projects faces several significant barriers:

  • Carbon regulation principles in Russia are under active development. The Federal Law “On Limiting Greenhouse Gas Emissions” dated 2 July 2021 entered into force on 30 December 2021. A whole package of regulations limiting GHG emissions was adopted to supplement this law in March 2022. The Federal Law “On Conducting an Experiment to Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Sakhalin Region”, dated 6 March 2022, also envisages the creation of a pilot carbon and emissions trading system in Russia.
  • Climate projects, and especially forestry projects, could become a key enabler of decarbonization strategies in the country. They can unlock enormous opportunities for reducing GHG emissions by increasing absorption and monetizing related business initiatives. Nevertheless, the launch of a carbon market in Russia requires the creation of adequate conditions and incentives for investors; existing regulatory issues must also be resolved.

GCI 4 Boards and Business solutions and Technologies have released a joint piece of research: Climate Projects: Risks and Opportunities. It focuses on the following key topics:

  • Classification, standards, and methodology of climate projects;
  • Mechanisms and dynamics of carbon markets;
  • Risks and benefits of climate projects in Russia and worldwide;
  • The relevance and necessity of climate projects;
  • Climate management opportunities provided by nature (forests) and technology (carbon capture and storage [CCS], sequestration, reduction of GHG emissions);
  • Regulation and monetization of climate projects;
  • The conditions for successfully implementing climate projects;
  • Examples of climate projects developed and implemented in Russia and around the world.


  • The role of climate projects in achieving decarbonization goals;
  • The future of forestry projects: key challenges and potential solutions;
  • CCS projects in the oil and gas industry: a new line of business or a way to reduce carbon footprints?
  • The outlook for Russian climate projects on the domestic and global markets;
  • The conditions under which foreign buyers will recognize Russian carbon credits (especially in the Asia-Pacific region);
  • Incentives to stimulate investments in climate projects


Irina Gayda, Member of the Board of Directors, NOVATEK

Nikolay Ivanov, Vice President, Segezha Group

Ivan Kukhnin, Partner, Sustainability Services Group, Business Solutions and Technologies

Alexander Sharabaiko, Board Member, PhosAgro

Evgeny Shvarts, Independent Non-Executive Director, Member of the Board of Directors, RUSAL, Nornickel


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09 Jun 2022



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