Interactive boardroom-style discussion “COP26: Discussion post COP 26 – The Russian prospectives of Energy and Business transition”

November 25, 2021 5 pm Moscow

The Russian government recognises climate change as an essential part of the future economy, where energy transition could be a challenge and a business opportunity and a chance to strengthen its role in the global arena of strategic issues like climate change. Decarbonization poses long-term severe threats to Russia. If the Paris Agreement members meet their targets pledged for 2030, Russian energy exports will significantly decrease, inevitably putting pressure on the Russian economy. At the same time, the Russian export-oriented business is aware of the threats to its niche in foreign markets, and it is interested in the deployment of new green technologies to remain competitive on a global scale.

What was the main goal of the Russian delegation at COP 26? Was Russia focused on preventing policy choices that might undermine its position rather than making ambitious statements about its climate strategy?

Are Russian companies’ climate targets aligned with global targets? What does COP 26 mean for Russian business as part of the global economy? How can the board of directors turn challenges of energy transition into opportunities?

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25 Nov 2021



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