Questions to assist non-executive director oversight of physical climate risk management

15 October 2020, 10:00–11:30 MSK

The Russian Chapter Directors’ Climate Forum, together with Deloitte CIS, Acclimatise and MinterEllison invites members of boards of directors, asset management companies, and committee chairpersons to take part in the roundtable of the Russian Chapter. You will learn about best practices from leading experts, discuss pressing issues with colleagues and get the latest news on the climate agenda.

In the next 15 years, companies in most sectors will have to adapt their business models to a new set of circumstances. Carbon-intensive industries are already beginning to experience the direct impact of the climate agenda, and in 20-40 years, all sectors are expected to face new climate challenges–both direct and indirect–through their supply chains and capital markets.

The second Roundtable will be devoted to assisting non-executive directors with climate risk management. Attendees will discuss how strong oversight and accountability can help ensure that corporates have the best governance processes in place and take climate change agenda into considerations at all business levels. The questions to be addressed include:

  • What governance mechanisms are in place for the management of current and future physical climate risks
  • Does the Board have access to the right skills and knowledge it needs to institute a robust physical climate risk management strategy and monitor performance
  • How is the company assured of the adequacy and rigour of its climate risk management policies and practices and disclosures
  • Has the company defined a strategy to build resilience to climate-related physical risks
  • Has the company conducted a baseline assessment of physical climate risks and opportunities for hazard types relevant to the company’s footprint, operations and supply chains
  • What are the key material impacts of long-run climate change and extreme events on the company
  • Has the Board identified the opportunities associated with physical climate impacts that have the potential to boost the accomplishment of strategic goals and increase value to shareholders and other stakeholders
  • Has management identified instances where physical climate impacts could create or increase liability risks
  • How will the company measure success regarding its management of physical climate risks

We have invited the following climate agenda experts to speak at the event:

  • Olga Pascault, Founder and Chair of Management Board at Russian Chapter, Member of the International Advisory Board at APQ Global, Independent Director at NESsT UK;
  • Elena Haykin (Sapozhnikova), Founder and Member of Management Board at Russian Chapter, partner of the Digital Horizon investment group, independent director of PJSC Inter RAO
  • Ian Colebourne, Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte CIS
  • Andrey Yakushin, Head of Corporate Affairs Development Division at the Central Bank of Russian Federation;
  • Richard Bater, Risk Analyst, Acclimatise;
  • John Firth, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Acclimatise;
  • Ellie Mulholland, Climate Risk Governance Director, MinterEllison.

To take part in the round table, please register using this link.


Russian Chapter Management Board

The roundtable will be held online; a Zoom link will be sent to participants a few days before the date of the event.
The Roundtable registration is available till October 14, 18:00.




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15 Oct 2020


10:00 - 11:30

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