Sber has become the general partner to Russian Chapter: The Directors’ Climate Forum, an initiative launched in association with the World Economic Forum to raise awareness and build the competencies of board directors and executive bodies of Russian companies in sustainable development and climate change.

It’s an important step to achieve one of the ambitious goals outlined in Sber’s new strategy, which is to lead Russia’s sustainable development agenda.

With support from Sber, Russian Chapter is set to organize regular meetings with global experts, watchdogs, and industries to pool experience and design the best approaches to climate governance.

The earliest Russian Chapter conference with Sber is scheduled for December 17. It’ll address the role of central banks in climate governance across CIS:

Olga Pasko, cofounder, Russian Chapter

The partnership with Sber, a leader in Russia’s corporate sustainable development practices, is a vital stage for our forum’s evolution. The attention that big businesses are giving to the climate agenda proves there’s a trend towards more conscious corporate governance and attention to climate change issues. We see that the exchange of the best global practices is becoming particularly relevant amid the Russian strategy targeting a transition to a low-carbon economy, which is in the works, so we unite independent directors from different companies to promote the dialogue about how businesses can alleviate adverse environmental impacts.

Tatiana Zavyalova, Senior Vice President for ESG, Sberbank

In the new Strategy presented to the business community on November 30, 2020, Sber established a goal of becoming the leader of the sustainable development agenda in Russia and a pro-active guide driving change locally and internationally. We’re ready to be a reliable assistant and partner for companies and the state when it comes to adopting a more sustainable development model, and we’re sure that the state, businesses, and society as a whole will benefit from a further dialogue on this issue.

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